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  1. Hi,

    I’m Pete. I’ve typed up some info about my project for you.

    My Name: Pete Wyrostek

    Artist Name: Rainbo

    Age: 24 yrs

    Artist Location: St. Louis Missouri USA

    Streaming and Free downloading available at the links below

    All songs in the following links produced by Rainbo

    EP Title: Volatile

    Samples in the Ep include:

    The chordettes – Sand Man, Billy Joel – Anthonys Song, Samples from Curtis Mayfield, Tupac and possibly more

    What’s so special about this artist:

    Rainbo is a unique blend of experimental hip hop and and modern dance music. His Influences are heavily rooted in the likes of Pretty Lights, Gramatik, Star Slinger, Bonobo, Emancipator and other Sample based EDM producers. Although his tunes are influenced by such artists Rainbo offers a unique and modern take on the sound pioneered by his predecessors.

    Artist Facebook Fan Page:

    I appreciate your time! I hope you enjoy my tunes! And i hope i make in on your blog!!

    Thanks a lot!

    Pete Wyrostek

    • Hey Pete!

      What are you looking to get out of the blog? How’d you hear about us? We’re definitely interested in your music. Tell us a little bit more about yourself.


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