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Big news came following the indefinite hiatus of Montreal rockers Wolf Parade, when band co-leader Spencer Krug announced the next installment in his solo project Moonface was to be released later this year. “Headed For The Door” is the first track to drop from the upcoming LP Heartbreaking Bravery, and  the sounds coming off this track are unlike anything Krug or Wolf Parade has explored before. The simplest word to describe is big. Big in every way possible: ambient drums, flowy soft synths, wandering electric guitar, and Krug’s very distinct vocals, all drenched in reverb.  Although I haven’t been a fan of Moonface’s earlier more lo-fi works, “Headed For The Door” has certainly excited me for Heartbreaking Bravery which is set to release on April 17th.

Breaking news from the San Fran collective’s website, The Morning Benders notifies fans of a name change and new & free mix-tape. Band leader Chris Chu has recently released a statement, revealing that the band on tour in UK discovered the term “bender” to mean homosexual. The band felt that they simply could not continue their newfound success under an offensive/derogatory epithet; so henceforth they have recreated The Morning Benders into what will forever be known as POP ETC. Along with the name change, the band announced plans for a third album along with a free mix-tape available for download now on the band’s new website.

The new mix-tape reveals a fresh new take on the classic Morning Benders sound. POP ETC explores a new electronic style in place of their signature organic sound. Synths and electronic drums take the place of acoustic guitars and drums; and even more surprising, Chris Chu’s vocals trade in their trademark reverb for auto-tune… yes auto-tune. The end result feels eerily similar to Vampire Weekend / Ra Ra Riot side project Discovery. There is no word whether POP ETC’s upcoming album will take from their new or old sound, but the news is nonetheless exciting.

Read Chris Chu’s statement here

Check out the bands new website and free mixtape here