Track Reviews

Fuck, this is too good.


Check out a track, hot off the press, from UK producer Jai Paul. Jasmine marks Paul’s second official  release, coming off 2010’s immensely successful BTSTU. If you’re a fan of bass music, crank the volume and enjoy the wonders Jasmine has to offer.

Big news came following the indefinite hiatus of Montreal rockers Wolf Parade, when band co-leader Spencer Krug announced the next installment in his solo project Moonface was to be released later this year. “Headed For The Door” is the first track to drop from the upcoming LP Heartbreaking Bravery, and  the sounds coming off this track are unlike anything Krug or Wolf Parade has explored before. The simplest word to describe is big. Big in every way possible: ambient drums, flowy soft synths, wandering electric guitar, and Krug’s very distinct vocals, all drenched in reverb.  Although I haven’t been a fan of Moonface’s earlier more lo-fi works, “Headed For The Door” has certainly excited me for Heartbreaking Bravery which is set to release on April 17th.

Madeon is an up and coming house producer from Nantes, France, and earlier today he dropped his latest single “Icarus.” Having his sound likened to the Progressive House gods Deadmau5 and Daft Punk, Madeon is guaranteed to do big things. “Icarus” reminds me of a completely toned down Skrillex track, glitchy and chopped up its most easy-going form.

Oh and by the way, this kid is just 17 years old.